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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I correct pay period and year-to-date totals?
2. How do I start a new year?
3. How do I transfer files to another computer?
4. Why doesn't the software download?
5. Why doesn't the Federal Income Tax (FIT) amount calculate correctly?
6. How do I delete a company payroll folder?
7. How do I delete an employee?
8. What checks are compatible with TKT Payroll?
9. How do I save a company payroll folder to a Flash drive or CD?
10. How do I change the state unemployment rate?
11. Can I print checks with a future date?
12. How do I change the ending date for pay period and year-to-date?
13. How do I setup local tax withholding?
14. How do I setup a deduction for advances, garnishments, child support?
15. Does the SSA accept the black & white TKT Payroll Form W-2?
16. How can I calculate my monthly tax liability for deposit?
17. How do I setup a pre-tax deduction to print on Form W-2?
18. How do I locate my prior year payroll folders?
19. How many payroll updates are needed per year?
20. How do I zero out a pay period that was duplicated?
21. How can the 4 Miscellaneous Deductions be used?
22. How do I reprint prior pay stubs?

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