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Q. Why doesn't the Federal Income Tax (FIT) amount calculate correctly?

A. Please verify the employee record for the following items which can affect the employee FIT. Please select "Employee Records" on the Main Menu bar and Click "Employee Changes". Click the down arrow on the "(Select) Employee Name" box and select the employee name. When the employee record displays, please verify the items below for the employee:

1. "Payment Cycle" Weekly, Bi-Weekly, etc.
2. "Tax Status" 1 Single, 2 Married, etc.
3. "Number of W-4 Federal Tax Allowances" for 2019 or Prior W-4
4. Boxes "Step 2. Check Box", "Line 3", "Line 4a", "Line 4b" for 2020 W-4
5. "Deduct Additional FIT Each Pay Period"

In addition, please use the calculated taxable gross to verify the correct federal withholding in the IRS Publication 15-T. You can access publication 15-T at anytime, through TKT Payroll, by selecting "Utilities" on the Main Menu bar. Click "Withholding Rates", click "Federal Annual Rates", and click "Standard Federal Tax Withholding Tables". When the Standard Federal Tax Withholding Tables page displays, click the "Click for Information in IRS Publication 15-T" button in the lower left corner.