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Q. How do I transfer files to another computer?

A. The following steps should accomplish the transfer. You should seek assistance from a local computer expert if you do not feel qualified to transfer the files.

Please use the following steps to setup your files in your new computer:

1. Insert your TKT Payroll CD into your new computer CD drive, or purchase and download the full version of TKT Payroll to your new computer.
2. Go through initial installation of the TKT Payroll files to your new computer.
3. When the "Start a New Payroll" screen displays, type Dummy in the box below "Enter Company Name for this Payroll (ex. ABC Company)".
4. Select "Beginning of the year" for "Choose When Your Payroll Will Start".
5. Click the "Install Payroll" button at the bottom of the screen.
6. When the Main Menu screen displays, click "Exit".
7. Insert a blank CD or flash drive into your old computer to copy your company payroll folder (or folders).
8. Click "start", then click "My Computer" or "Computer".
9. Double click "Local Disk(C:)" and navigate to and double click the "Program Files" folder ("Program Files (x86)" for 64 bit computer).
10. Locate and double click the "TKT Payroll" folder.
11. Locate and Right click on the your company payroll folder, and click "Copy".
12. Locate and Right click on the CD or flash drive, and click "Paste".
13. Remove the CD or flash drive and insert it into the new computer.
14. Click the "Desktop" window in your new computer.
15. Click the folder icon (File Explorer) on the Task Bar on the bottom of the screen.
16. Locate the CD or Flash drive, and Right click on the company payroll folder on the CD or flash drive, and click "Copy".
17. Double click "Local Disk(C:)" drive, and navigate to and double click the "Program Files (x86)" folder.
18. Locate and Right click the "TKT Payroll" folder in your new computer, and click "Paste".
19. After your copy and paste, start TKT Payroll. When the Main Menu displays, select "Utilities" on the Main Menu bar and click "Go to Another Company Payroll". A List Box will display in the center of the screen showing the Dummy folder and your company payroll folders you copied to the TKT Payroll folder. Click your current company payroll folder displayed in the List Box. The List Box will disappear, and you can now access your current company payroll files.