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Q. How do I zero out a pay period that was duplicated?

A. Use the following steps to zero out a pay period that was duplicated:

1. Select "Process/Correct Payments" on the Main Menu bar.
2. Click "Correct Prior Pay Period".
3. Click "Correct Calculated Hours".
4. Click the down arrow on the "(Select) Pay Period Date to Correct" box, and select the pay period you want to correct (this would be the duplicate pay period).
5. When the "Correct Prior Payroll Saved" screen displays, click the down arrow on the "(Select) Employee Name" box, and select the first employee.
6. When the employee information displays, edit all of the hours to zero, and click the "Calculate Pay" button, and the gross and deductions will recalculate to zero on the right side of the screen.
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for all employees.
8. After all employees have been corrected and recalculated, click the "Save Payroll" button.

All subsequent year-to-date pay periods (YTDx) will automatically be adjusted.