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Q. How do I start a new year?

A. The following was extracted from the "Help" selection on the
TKT Payroll Main Menu bar.


1. Select "Start a New Year" on the Main Menu bar.
2. Click the "Start a New Year" button.
3. When the popup box displays, enter the folder name for the new year (Example, [current year] ABC company), and click the "OK" button.
4. The TKT Payroll Main Menu will display with the new folder name, and you are ready to enter the first payroll for the new year by selecting "Process/Correct Payments" on the Main Menu bar.

When the "Start A New Year" routine is used at the beginning of a new year, any Employee Record which has a "Payment Cycle" designated as "0 Former Employee" will be deleted/removed from the employee records, and all remaining employees will be renumbered.