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Q. How do I delete an employee?

A. You can erase employee number records, but you can not delete them (Employee Records should not be erased until year-end W-2's have been printed). If employee number 3 is no longer an employee, you can erase the employee's information in the employee record. Click "Employee Records" from the main menu bar. Then, click "Employee Changes". Click the down arrow on the "(Select) Employee Name" and click on employee number 3. When the employee record appears, delete each field that has any information by clicking the "Erase" button on the upper right corner. Next, click the "Yes" button to confirm the erase. The two digit state address and state code will be left in the state address and state tax fields. The Payment Cycle and Tax Status will be designated as "0" (zero). Click the "Save" button.

When the "Start A New Year" routine is used at the beginning of a new year, any Employee Record which has a "Payment Cycle" designated as "0 Former Employee" will be deleted/removed from the employee records, and all remaining employees will be renumbered.