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New York

For proper New York state tax withholding, the Annual Standard Deduction amount must be entered in the next to last field in each employee's record.

Annual Standard Deduction amounts for New York state are shown below. They can be found on the website:

Single/Head of Household - $7400
Married - $7950

The 2020 family leave employee contribution rate is 0.270% (enter the decimal number 0.0027 in the Employee Records). Either the 1st miscellaneous deduction or 4th micellaneous deduction can be used to enter a decimal number for % of Taxable Gross. If you are an employer that processes TIPS, you can only use the 1st miscellaneous deduction for Family Leave, because the 4th miscellaneous deduction is dedicated as "TIPS" for the offset of cash tips.

You can change the default name for the 1st or 4th misc deduction by using the steps below:

1. Select "Utilities" on the main menu bar.
2. Click "Settings".
3. Rename the 1st or 4th misc deduction title to "FLeave".
4. Since the deduction is not non-taxable, do not check the non-taxable box.
5. Click the "Save Changes" button.

Next select "Employee Records" on the Main Menu bar, and click "Employee Changes". Each employee record will need to be updated by entering the decimal number 0.0027 in the box to the right of FLeave Deduction for the 0.270% deduction.